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My favorite metaphor is "Dropping a pebble in the pond."

Welcome to the Strongheart Clan

The StrongHeart Clan is about giving voice to our art, ideas, music, and poetry in a meaningful way. Connectivity is a powerful word. This website will explore the possibilities of making that connectedness fun and inviting.  

What's Happening with Larry and the
Strongheart Clan

Greetings All, I have been very fortunate to have met Carlyn Flint, a young woman who is a teacher of young children, and also an artist and much more. She listened to a poem I wrote--Our Lady Gaia--that I thought would make a great children's book. Carlyn took on that project to illustrate it and five years later here it is. 

Click on the links below to purchase or click on the book cover to read the poem. It is also posted in the StrongHeart Clan Blog in Spanish and English as a teaching tool for children of all ages.

Strongheart Clan

I'd love to hear from you

I value everyone's feedback and opinion. Please feel free to send me your thoughts.

Book Availability

Hard Cover Issues with "Our Lady Gaia".

Greetings all you beautiful supporters of this project.

Carly has ordered and received the flawed hardcover copies she intended to send out in gratitude to the people who supported this project. We are addressing this problem directly. Please hold back on ordering the hardcover version of the book for now. I will send an email when the issue has been resolved.


Carly and Larry

our lady gaia
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