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Avatar II

Updated: Jul 6


Painting by Vasil Woodland, Bear "Medicine Teacher"

The Avatars that appear to the human race usually appear in a way that we can understand them. Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, Our Lady of Guadalupe and St Francis, and in some cases, “God the Father,” are all seen as representatives of the human race. 

I would also argue that the Avatars that occasionally appear other than human, e.g. White Buffalo Calf Maiden, or anthropomorphic Avatars such as Ganesha or even the Devil are predominantly culturally reflective and significant. 

If my line of thinking is accurate, then we might also consider ourselves as Avatars; as evolving manifestations of ourselves.

~ hsh © 061024 

Painting by Vasil Woodland Bear "Medicine Teacher"

Ukrainian Artist, Vasyl Woodland has given me permission to pair his art with my poetry and writings on my new website and FB Page. I hope you enjoy his work and are drawn to support him and his people however you can in your prayers.

PBS / Firing Line interviewed Lieve Schriber, a celebrated actor and descendent of Ukraine. They vetted the NPO BlueCheck and found there are no middlemen and 100% of the money goes directly to all the non-military needs behind the enemy lines. Please click here to make a donation to support Ukraine through BlueCheck.

Vasil studied under Norval Morrisseu. Norval Morrisseau CM RCA, also known as Copper Thunderbird, was an Indigenous Canadian artist from the Bingwi Neyaashi Anishinaabek First Nation. He is widely regarded as the Grandfather of Contemporary Indigenous Art in Canada. 

*The royalty-free Ukrainian Peace Flag image is provided courtesy of Akitada31/Roman. Please look at his other works on Pixabay and buy him a cup of coffee if you appreciate his contribution.

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