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Catch The Timeless

Updated: Jan 14

Only through the spark of redundancy, of what is real or believed, can life evolve. Eventually, what is left is discarded as no longer necessary or recycled later. Sometimes much later.

Colonization attempts to extinguish most if not all functional knowledge that came from the land it attempts to dominate and control.

War on terrorists in their own country creates, “a tactical victory with a strategic defeat.“

~ Secretary of Defense / Lloyd Austin 12/2023

Once again, in a predictable and timeless way, we have circled back to where we were. Knowledge and mistakes evolved. This is how it is. This is what we have become, again. Some of what we had lost have returned. Some of what we had is lost..., again.

Evolution ain't for sissies...

~ hsh © 121123

Matias Linares photography (having a hard time reading the signature at the bottom of the photo. Is that the name you see?)

Tool - Schism (Lyrics Video)

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