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Crazy Horse

Updated: Mar 31

My friend, Albert Krueger said,

“It's my understanding that Chief Crazy Horse

didn't even want his picture taken.”


The memorial sculpture being created

doesn't look anything like Crazy Horse.

But now he is an idea

beyond his own mortality.

He shook his fist at God,

while being blessed by the Great Mystery,

The Great Spirit.

We are the same...,

in that way,

him and I.

He came from the Earth,

and he went back to the Earth.

So say we All.

~ hsh © 020924 

This Art image has been computer generated through AI and myself.

~ hsh © 021424

Ancestor Song · Robbie Robertson · The Red Road Ensemble · Ulali · The Silvercloud Singers · Kevin Tarrant · Louis Mofsie · Randy Whitehead · Troy Richardson

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