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Updated: Apr 28


Artist Matteo Pugliese


realm to realm, 

born from exhaustion, 

instinct and conviction, 

transcending reflections, 

intellect n illusions


through splatters of paint, 

light n afterbirth, 

born from imaginings 

thrown on mirrors, 

breaking through 

tedious expectations, 

assumptions, n 

exhausted deceptions


presuming an audience 

of fellow light seekers, 

or obstacles, 

real or not 

indifferent or not


the passage 

evolving towards, n

from the future of now

~ hsh © 080416

(edit 042724) 

Youth appears to me, to be no longer wasted on The Young. They are treading space in a conscious way, beyond our dreaming, with a quantifiable cosmic impact.

~ hsh © 042724

Quantum: A quantum (plural: quanta) is the smallest discrete unit of a phenomenon. For example, a quantum of light is a photon, and a quantum of electricity is an electron. Quantum comes from Latin, meaning "an amount" or "how much?" If something is quantifiable, then it can be measured.

~ Google definition search

Starling Arrow - Wild Sweet (Music Video) - Ayla Nereo, Rising Appalachia, Tina Malia, Marya Stark

CLASSIC REBOOT: Interpretations of Quantum Physics with Ruth Kastner

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