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Greeting the Warhorse

There was a need, There was a prayer, There is an answer.

~ hsh 100823

Artist Vasil Woodland / aka Vasyl Mushyk "Greeting the Warhorse"

Ukrainian Artist, Vasyl Woodland has given me permission to pair his art with my poetry and writings on my new website coming soon. I hope you enjoy his work and are drawn to support him and his people however you can in your prayers.

"My Friends! I urge you to breathe the spring wind of freedom and enjoy its scent of flowers. Merge with the wind and feel the state of free flight." ~ Vasil Woodland

Була потреба, Була молитва, Є відповідь. ~ hsh 100823

Художник Василь Вудленд / він же Василь Мушик «Вітання бойового коня»

Bula potreba, Bula molytva, YE vidpovidʹ. ~ hsh 100823

Khudozhnyk Vasylʹ Vudlend / vin zhe Vasylʹ Mushyk «Vitannya boyovoho konya»

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