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Legacy & Warriors / E&SC Speech

Updated: Mar 22


Lawrence J. Barkwell: (born 1943 – 26 September 2019) was a Canadian author,[1] editor, historian[2] and lecturer,[3] best known for his comprehensive writings on the Métis Nation and Culture.

Friday 02/16/2024 E&SC NEW Reawakening

Good evening everyone. What an amazing blessing it is for us all to be here tonight.

My legal name is Lawrence Francis Hawk. People who call me that either want to give…, or take my money. Usually it's the latter. Most of you know me as Hawk.

My ancestors are Norwegian, Irish, German, Welsh, and French. 

I was told…, my great great grandfather, on my Fathers side…, Pierre Parenteau was adopted by the people of the Metis Nation, of North America, now in Canada, as a War Chief during the 1860s uprisings. We, and All friends of the Metis Nation won that war. 

My Great Grandfather from Ireland married his youngest daughter.

All of the Warriors, Men and Women and Children, of All of these nations paid the price for me to be here tonight.

Thank you for inviting me to speak at what I consider to be the Reawakening of the Earth and Spirit Council mission and experiment.

One of my earliest childhood spiritual memories was walking and running through deer trails, and switchbacks in the hills of Mill Valley California, and later throughout the Great Northwest. They empowered me to leap in the air as I flew through them.

Sometimes stumbling and falling in laughter, then shaking off the bruises. 

Such as it was, these kinds of experiences brought us all here tonight, back to The Clan of The Earth and Spirit Council; except today we do not shake off our stumbling’s as we did when we were young. 

Now we do our best to learn from those pieces.  

My most memorable experience with Grampa Rod McAfee 

  • Was at an event in the Native American Student & Community Center at PSU where Linda’s Mother, Georgia said something like, “he spoke more that night than most of us had heard from him over the many years we spent around him.”  Rod McAfee Gift Video (This link is a copy of that speech.)  

  • One of the things he said was, “Spirituality is very personal” 

  • At the end of the talk, the crowd was invited to ask him questions. 

  • I asked him, “What is the difference between a dream and a vision?

  • He said, "I can't tell you the difference between them because they are very personal. But if you have a vision, you must act on it, or else it will disappear.”

  • That is what We have done. Our dreams and shared visions have brought us All here this evening  to this moment in time, They have done their work. 

  • What I have learned, is that it is by design that we are only able to experience small pieces of the big picture. It is what some of us call The Great Mystery. 

  • Halfway through my time with the Natural Way Program in the Earth and Spirit Council, I met Professor, Cornel Pewewardy, Director of Indigenous Studies at Portland State University. He taught me one word that I came to study from then on. 

  • “Reciprocity.” He said something to the effect that reciprocity is a foundational knowing of indigenous people around the world. I call it ‘Earth-based Spirituality.’

  • Recently, I have found Trust in the Synchronicity of Reciprocity in Nature, in the nature of The Great Spirit, in the nature of The Great Mystery. 

  • I have found sanctuary and refuge there, in Acceptance.

  • It sometimes takes a quantum leap of faith and surrender to know that our shared vision ‘to live in harmony with nature, and each other’ has always been.

  • It has been prophesized and acted upon over and over again through Dreams, Visions and Ceremony throughout time.

  • Our Legacy is to act on that calling as all of our ancestors have, and will—Respectfully. 

I wrote this Poem called ‘Warrior’ 

It is a re-imagining of the Ancient Indigenous Teachings of what it is to be a Warrior.

young warrior

bellow your heart

illuminate your spirit

touching stars

making earth tremble


student warrior

find your spirit song

let it guide you

as cleansing thunders do

rippling within


beckoning songbirds

of dawn through dusk

lonely warrior

seek your companions

find your mate

the ones who heal

challenges illusions

exposes weakness

tests notions of trust

earn theirs

warrior men and women

serve family

all our relations

mentor solutions


become peace

you seek

elder warriors



rise above

lay burdens down

leave weapons down

become grace

always desired


~ hsh (c) 060216

(edit (010924)

A Warriors strength and wealth, Was & Is based on how much anyone, of any age or sex, could offer to strengthen the whole. 

We inherently have always known that our strength was only as strong as our weakest link in life or death. 

It is by Natures Design that our first priority is to survive, and that depends on us helping each other. 

I want to go home.

I don't want to be angry anymore. 

I need to know Serenity.

I long for Peace.

Mitakuye Oyasın

~ hsh © 021524 

(edit 032224)

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