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Updated: Feb 21

Mentor Happiness

Mentor Grief 

Mentor Solutions

Mentor Struggle

Mentor Kindness

Mentor Discernment  

Mentor Personal Growth 

Mentor Fear

Mentor Perceptions Of Love 

Mentor When Not To

Mentor Communication Skill

Mentor Quietness and Listening

Mentor Commitment

Mentor When Not To 

Mentor Serenity

Mentor Pause

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Photo by Joe Cantrell

Leksi William and Araya

When Gramma Aggie came to town

Portland Oregon USA

Ballaké Sissoko ft. Sona Jobarteh - Djourou (Official video)

Ballaké Sissoko (born 1968) is a Malian player of the Kora.

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Photo by Joe Cantrell


Grandmother Agness Baker Pilgrim and her daughter Nadine. I miss them both. I trust Nadine is carrying the torch.

 “It is our duty to fight for freedom.

It is our duty to win.

We must love and protect each other.

We have nothing to lose but our chains.”

~ Assata Shakur (1st published 1987)

Photo by Joe Cantrell

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