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My Celestial View

Updated: Oct 16

Artist Vasil Woodland / aka Vasyl Mushyk

moon rising, towards setting

she blew me a kiss

from eastern winter winds

beyond the Sawtooth Range

as the sun rose

to envelop my heart

from skin to marrow

the world stopped for her

to make us smile

as the violet hues

shifted in the shade.

she was my joy...,

my heart...,

my celestial view...

she was the dampness on my lips.

she was my first prayer

of every day.

dayz now set

in evening prayer

for us

with dry lips.

~ hsh (c) 111214

(edit 100923)

Artist- Vasil Woodland "Connection that heals."

Ukrainian Artist, Vasyl Woodland has given me permission to pair his art with my poetry and writings. I hope you enjoy his work and are drawn to support him and his people however you can in your prayers.

The Dead South - You Are My Sunshine

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