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My Daily Prayer

Updated: Oct 16

Artist Vasil Woodland / aka Vasyl Mushyk

Wakan Tanka, Tunkasula Great Mystery, Grandfather, Creator, whose voice I hear in the wind whose breath gives life to the universe.

Please help me, please guide me for I am small and I am one of your many children. I need your strength and wisdom.

Please help me,

please help my family, please help my people, please help my friends.

Please help our enemies find their peace so that we may be left to find our own.

Health, health, and happiness Balance and beauty Clarity, faith, and strength Gratitude, guidance, and grace Love, honor, respect, and unity Purpose, prosperity, peace, and protection


~ hsh © 051203 (Edit 052223)

Artist Vasil Woodland Ukrainian Artist, Vasyl Woodland has given me permission to pair his art with my poetry and writings. I hope you enjoy his work and are drawn to support him and his people however you can in your prayers.

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