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My Muse


Artist Katharina Jung

My Muse

My Shifter

My Elk

My Hawk

My Bear

My friends

My lovers

My desires

My foes

My students

My teachers

My protectors

My Ancestors

My neighbors

My water, earth, wind, fire n ether

My majick

My powers

My dreams

My winged view

My music

My prose

My songs

My animal speak

My sight

My smells

My touch

My dawn

My day

My dusk

My stars n the night

My heart

My joy

My tears

My vulnerability

My fright

My terror

My center n balance

My second sight

My gd-ess

My Prayer

My Beloved 

My Grace

My Muse

~ hsh © 091313 

(edit 032824)

Wakan Tanka - Sacred Great Mystery, please guide me with your grace.

~ Ceta Cante Suta

Kan'Nal - Dreamwalker (Fullalbum)

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