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Updated: Mar 31

I had an Uber client in my car yesterday, who was so grief stricken she could not talk…, at all. She actually did her best to conceal her emotions with a blank facial expression.

After some 27 years in the industry as a cab driver and now an Uber driver I have learned to read peoples language through facial expressions and body language. It has been my experience to not just see, but to feel their energy. In that confined of a space it's hard not to.

It was my honor to give her the space that she needed to just get home. All I said to her was hello and thank you.

The next day, PBS News Hour showed this article. A Brief But Spectacular take on crying in public: 

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The Who / Tommy (overture)  

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Mar 27

Looking forward to more of these, Larry. This was a gift to her.

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