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The Blind Man Said

Updated: Jan 8


The blind man said

for me to see

cut my eyes out 

so I closed my eyes

I looked within 

The cripple said

to find my strength

I must be broken

so I tried to fly n fell 

into my dreams

life became precious to me

The prostitute said

to find love

I must lose my heart

so I gave it away

now it surrounds

n fills me

The beggar said 

to be king

I must let go of everything

now I seek to serve

the kingdom of heaven 

is within me

The lunatic said

to rid the insanity

inherited before me

I must become 

the solution I seek

a human

being not doing

The foolish man said 

to be wise

I must fail n surrender

now I listen 

to wind through trees, 

flame, stone n water

the mystery sustains

the gift is this life 

this spark within

The voices said

for me to know them

become them 

n all you observe

now I must pray for guidance

so that I might see

~ hsh (c) 020814

   (edit (c) 072918)

Art by Попов И (maybe)

The Unfolding - Lisa Gerrard

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